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If you're interested in purchasing the same supplies as I use or are having trouble finding materials, you've come to the right place! Just click on "LINKS TO ART SUPPLIES" and browse my favorite brands as well as money saving options and suggestions! 

Links to my favorite art supplies 


To the "Beginner to Master" FREE Practice content page

If you have purchased any one of my courses you also get  lifetime access to my image library! I've carefully lit, color corrected and edited dozens of photos for learners to use as references to practice both drawing and painting! Just download any Hi-Res photos you like immediately and start creating!


The images on this site are for your own personal development without my guidance. As a policy I can’t give critiques of work outside of the curriculum of the course. Please understand that I answer and coach over 50 students a day, each student requires my full attention and very specific help on there progress. Unfortunately I just wouldn’t have the time or resources to respond to and coach every students personal or even extracurricular art based on images I supply you outside of the planned lecture structure and course projects.

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